What Would You Do?

We’ve been looking at a lot of new and used travel trailers. We’ve gone to lots of dealerships and it amazes us that some at some dealerships there old ones are just as much as new. We do like a few of brand new ones but is it worth spending so much? You get the warranty and a few perks but as soon as you drive it off the lot it depreciates.

Then we mark what we like on Craigslist and look at old ones. Yes most are cheeper but are they as good as they are listed?

When looking I try to imagine what we can and can’t bring. Each of us have a list of must haves. Most things on the list are for outdoors. Example: kayaks, fishing poles, bikes, sandboards (just to name a few). So then I think that we should look at toy haulers. With having a Tahoe we have to watch the weight; so that probably won’t work. I also look for bunks because I don’t want to waste time making beds everyday plus I feel like my kids need some space that is dedicated just for them. I don’t care that much about the kitchen as long as it has a place for the Vitamixer and coffee maker because I don’t cook. (Lol). I look for room for the essential clothes. I look at storage for our kids school items (must haves). We having 2 small dogs and a cat I look for a space for them to fill comfortable. I also look for cold weather capabilities. Plus it can’t be to long because most parks have a limit.

It is very hard to find what we need and yet what we can afford. I don’t want to spend much on a trailer because I would rather be able to afford more of an experience with my family.

Would you choose new or used? What are your recommendations and why? Please leave a message.

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