Wake Up And Be Awesome

I’ve been in a slump of a mood. When I was on vacation almost a couple of months ago I was so frustrated with where I was in life. Work had me so down and everyday I would come home crying and wander why I would show up at a job that I hate so much. Sitting there I decided that there must be away to get me out of this slump; so I started watching motivational speakers on YouTube. Drowning in frustration I was able to doggy paddle to the surface with each video that I listened to and start inching myself to the shore. I want to stop working at a job that only pays the bills but doesn’t fill my heart. Working at a place that has taken my personality and smashed it against the rocks; working for someone else’s dream of just getting rich and getting their by stepping over people and not lifting each other up. I want to pull people in out of the water and become an example of how to live life to the fullest; to be who we are meant to be.

My dreams are to be the best person I can be; loving and supportive mom, wife, daughter, and friend. A writer on my blog (I may not know how to write an amazing blog but I do believe in myself to at least try my hardest). A photographer of the beauty that surrounds us everyday. To travel the world and learn new things.

My dreams most likely aren’t yours but I hope that by trying my hardest to achieve mine and writing on how I move forward that you will do the same. Even if it’s one small step that day; it will be one step closer. We can do this together. I believe in you even when I don’t know you.

My first step…. I’ve prayed. “In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.” Psalms 5:3. You might not be religious or even believe the same way as me and that’s fine.

My second step I watched a video. “If You Want Change The World, Start Off By Making Your Bed.” By William McRaven. Every day I’ve made my bed for the past 2 months (unless Chris was still in it because I had to be to work earlier than him). But because of my new habit I came home one day and found that Chris made the bed. When he got home that night I asked him why he made it and he said because it was something that must have meant something to me; it just takes an extra minute out of the morning. If you only do one thing that day…. Make your bed, says William McRaven.

Next I made a vision board.

My vision board

Then I made an am and pm check list of what I would like to do on a daily basis. I got some ideas from a YouTube video called, “We Tried CEO Morning Routines And Night Routines.” Truth is I pressed snooze my first day and then after that I’ve been getting up most days at 4am. I noticed that when I don’t get my time in the mornings that my day just doesn’t feel right; no structure.

Find support; I asked a couple of co-workers to hold me accountable and we could together be supportive. Sadly one didn’t even last one week. I haven’t given up on her because she’s not ready yet but one day she will be. The other one named Robin has been their for me every morning; with a good morning text. Not all mornings do I get everything done but Robin asks me; “Did you do something for you?” and I will tell her “Yes.” Then she tells me; “Then that’s one step closer.” That support makes me feel good and lifts me up.

Chris most mornings tries to get up and go for a walk with me around the neighborhood when our schedules work. Having that time to talk about things that need to be for the day or our goals in life gives a little bit more of a push. Shelby is my exercise coach; she will tell me if I am failing to my face. It’s that hard true that hits hard but works. Dominick may not talk but he is there for a listening ear. Find support that pushes and doesn’t put you down.

Come join me in making dreams come true. If you have any advice, questions or supportive quotes I would love to hear them.

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