Stewart Covered Bridge in Cottage Grove, Oregon

Stewart Covered bridge was built in 1930. Time has taken it’s toll on the Oregon bridges. It has been restored a couple of times in order to let us enjoy a part of the past. It is a Howe truss design. I would suggest looking up bridge designs. It is a very interesting to read. It crosses the Mosby Creek. You can find it near Walden, Oregon. It is one of the stops on the Row River Trail. It is a great swimming hole in the summer.

My dad, kids and I went on a covered bridge tour. I really enjoyed watching my kids; my son is usually off exploring on his own and my daughter likes to hang out and see things through others eyes. It is sad to me that there are not that many covered bridges any more. They are a part of our history. I admire the work and designs that are put into building a bridge. The Stewart bridge is one of my favorites; it is a quite setting.

  • What is your favorite covered bridge?
  • What is your favorite bridge design?
  • Do you have any special memories at a covered bridge?

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