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Come hang out with us as we show you a few out of hundreds of RVs we went to go see with my aunt and uncle at an RV show in Eugene, OR.

Class C #1

I really like that the tv is not in the above the cab bunk area. I would be afraid that it would get broken quickly. Also were the tv is above the table you can pretty much see it from anywhere. I like the storage under the seats. However I really wish that the table was a fold up one so it could be taken outside when needed as well as used for a bed. (I’ve seen one in a couple RVs and I really liked the idea.)

I like the length of the couch and the storage under it as well. We do like the bed above the cab because the bed never has to be made it you don’t have the time.
Behind the couch it has a shelf (the length of the couch) with 2 cupholders. Under that shelf is a storage box the length of the couch as well. (I liked the storage however I wouldn’t put anything in that you would want all the time because the couch needs to be laid down in order to get to anything.)
I don’t mind the close corridor but it does bother some. I would put the dog beds in the floor. I really like that it doesn’t have carpet.
I am not sure if I like the corner sink but I do like the counter in the back for the insta pot, Vita mixer and coffee maker. I don’t like that the only usable space for preparing food is the table. However it would work.
We do like the bunk beds however not much privacy for teens.
We did like the storage in the bedroom and the side tables next to the bed. Each one had at least one drawer and a little space. Some that we’ve seen only gets one side table or none.
Me personally didn’t like the shower because I like to have a curtain but that’s my opinion. Also their is no place for a cat box.

It has a big window.
There storage is great.
It has USB ports as well as lots of plug-in all over.

It even has storage above the door.

Class C #2

We absolutely love the table and couch in this one. The table has so much room. Still would like it to be foldable but we can’t get it all. (Sorry for the blurriness.)
The kitchen is great except it has little counter space and a circle sink. Who likes a circle sink? Love the storage though.

Class A #1

Really comfortable and has a lot of seating area.
You can’t see much but the counter top is long. ( Great for preparing food). I want impressed with the tv being so far away however it wouldn’t be used much.

This bathroom had the most storage and room.
The colors are not our taste.
The bedroom had a full bathroom (it had a half bath in the main area). It would be nice to have a bath and a half. Again the storage is great. (Sorry for the blurriness).

Class A #2

I love the roominess and colors of this one. It’s the exact floorplan as the class c #1.

We’ve gone back and forth on what would be best. Thinking about the size, the room, and storage in mind. We all have our favorite things and dislikes.


Space for everyone

Room for a cat box

Storage inside and out


A big couch across from the table

A bath and a half

Counter space

USB ports

Side tables

Foldable table


Some colors

Tv in bunk area

What are your thoughts? Do you like a certain class over the other? Or do you prefer a trailer? Do you look at some of the colors of some and wander what on Earth they were thinking when they designed them? What are must haves and not much care to you?

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