Rolling With The Changes

My husband was away on business when I got a phone call from him asking if I was sitting down. It’s never a good thing when asked if you are sitting. As sitting there he told me that he would be home later on that day. Excited to see him yet wandering why; I soon found out that he was laid off after just having a 20 year anniversary party the day before. Wow! Now what? That brought a lot of questions. 

  1. What does he want to do next?
  2. Can we afford to move?
  3. Does he try a different position in the same company or go for the severance pay? 
  4. What about the goals we’ve been trying to accomplish?

After a week of confusion we got more news that would change our way of thinking. We got a letter in the mail to let us know that the land that we have our home on (we own) got sold to a company that I won’t name names but wants to make it a low income housing park. They want to bring in mobile homes and RVs for low income and homeless. My income alone doesn’t qualify nor would I want it too. When we first found out it was a huge shock. It brought more questions. 

  1. Where would we live? 
  2. Should we live in the same town? 
  3. Should we move out of state? 

Then after thinking about all the bad we began to think about the good. 

  1. We can travel.
  2. We can do the jobs that we keep saying we’re going to but was too scared to make the leap because of being comfortable in the jobs we have/had. 
  3. We can have more time with our kids before they go off to college and have families of their own. 

We’ve done a lot of soul searching. So far we are 80% sure that we are going to take the big jump. We have decided to take it step by step until we are completely sure that it is what is going to be the best thing for our family. 

To do

  1. Go through everything in the house. (We had become hoarders). 
  2. Garage sale. (Hoarders sale). 
  3. Blog what are are going through. (The good, the bad, and the ugly).
  4. Look for online jobs. 
  5. Find an RV. 
  6. Look up homeschooling programs. 
  7. Get our blogs/vlogs going.

    So here with go with the first steps…. Going through the house because either way we’ll have to look for a different place. We’ll let you know how it goes. 

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