Pioneer Park in Brownsville, Oregon

Pioneer Park in Brownsville, Oregon has 26 acres to wander on. You can swim in the water, play basketball on the courts, have a baseball game on the ball field, climb the playground equipment or challenge someone at horseshoes, as well as a beat someone on the soccer field, come for a picnic or rent the covered dining pavilion with kitchen. There is also camping available in the summer. Plus I must not forget a huge dog park. 

02-03-2018 Saturday

We had heard from Dominick about this park; he had a field trip at the museums and then his class had lunch in the park. Shelby’s class had gone to the museums the year before; the kids told us about their experience at the museums. We will certainly have to make another trip to check out the museums in town.



Looks to cold right now to be swimming in but I am sure that on a nice summer day it would be welcoming. 


The pavilion with kitchen is huge; would be great to rent for a big event.

There is a 400 seating amphitheater that is covered. I would like to see if they have a schedule of activities; something different to do would be nice. 

Shelby and Chris started out with just sitting on the swings and then it became a competition to see who could swing the highest. It was fun to watch particularly when they tried to jump; one thought that that they were still young and the other was to high to safely jump. I’ll let you guess as to who was what. 

Dominick and his big feet were able to climb the rock.  


A race to the top and guess who wins? Is it the clumsy one or bigfoot?


Bigfoot won; his long arms were able to reach the top. 

What a fun day to go exploring a new park. Dad and Mater walked around and enjoyed the adequate weather. We will be going back for sure; I look forward to being able to camp in the summer or checking out the amphitheater for plays and concerts. 

If you are looking for a park that has something for everyone then I would undoubtedly recommend Pioneer Park in Brownsville Oregon. If you have any parks that you would recommend us visiting we would love to hear from you. 





  1. I couldn’t believe how big it is and we didn’t even see it all.

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