One Step at a Time (Even if it’s Baby Steps)

I have been on what seems like an emotional rollercoaster of a year. The kind where everything seems to go down hill and fast; where you try to keep your faith but then blame God if it doesn’t get better and fast. Where you feel like God hates you when it doesn’t go the way that you want it to. I won’t get into details.

My husband happened to stumble upon a YouTube video on how to add music to your videos; in this video he was saying that you just need to get started making videos. That you will hate your first videos but that’s ok; you will get better as so you go. It’s a learning process; learn and keep going. That goes for all goals. It got me thinking; a lot of thinking. So much that it has stuck with me for a few days now.

We have a goal poster board; one that we keep adding to. My blog, travel the country as a family, organize everything, start a small business, help others (just to say a few). Truth is that every once in a while we get overwhelmed thinking that we can’t get anything accomplished. After listening to the guys video I realized that I just need to take the steps. It will not happen overnight (unless we win the lottery). As much as we wish that it could we know that won’t. I keep praying that somehow my dad will be able to get to see those dreams to come true. He’s not in very good health but by me not taking the steps then I know for sure that he won’t be able to see my goals move forward.

We are going to add deadlines and the steps needed to accomplish each of our goals. Be thankful for the steps accomplished (even if they are baby steps) because that means a little closer to our goals. We know that it won’t be easy but we have to at least try.

We hope that you will follow along with us as we take our step.

If you have any questions, quotes of encouragement, or ideas please comment. Thank you


  1. Keep the faith. I know God has a plan for us all. I do agree take the baby steps. That reminds me of when you were just learning to walk in your first home you would waddle around the circle that went around the bedrooms and kitchen and living room and I would chase you and you would giggle and turn around and put up your arms like you was going to fight me. 😍 Remember memories are what we take with us.
    Love Dad

  2. Always keepGod first and everything will fall into place! Baby steps are always a good idea. Remember to smile. You are loved

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