No Money, Money, Money

Woke up Saturday morning to the cat laying on me. Chris happened to see a deep cut about an inch long and about a quarter inch deep with a few punctures on Patience face. With it being a Saturday our vet wasn’t open so we had to take him to the animal hospital.

He’s Shelby’s cat; he used to be mine but she has clearly taken him over. It’s funny because when she was really little and him a kitten he used to attack her when she would walk by. Some how now the two belong to each other. I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to him.

He stays with Shelby without a collar or leash.

His mouth looks like he’s storing mice for winter.

The vet had to do surgery on him. They think that another cat or animal got ahold of him. It’s crazy to think that vets costs so much. I had to take what was left of what we’ve been saving for the cat. We just had car problems a few days earlier that took most of what we had put aside and then the rest went to the cat. It’s so sad to see the money leave but there’s no way that we could let the cat suffer. The vet did an amazing job.


This is him 12 days after his surgery. He goes back today to get the stitches out. We are so grateful for him.

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