My Family

My family is a very close family. We can drive each other crazy but we can also laugh, cry, and have fun. We become closer when bad days happen.

As a family we have also learned to just goof off and relax when we need to. The outdoors mean a lot to us. It’s our time to get off of electronics and explore new places.

Our kids have amazing personalities and I love watching them grow up into the adults that they are fastly becoming.

1st day of 8th and 9th grade. Dominick showing his muscles.

Dominick doing a flip off the diving board.

When Dominick was younger he loved to always model in stores. I remember once him pretending to walk the cat walk inside Fred Meyer in Florence Oregon.

Shelby proving that she can stand on a paddle board.

Dominick flipping a Get Aire.

Dominick’s lizzard Tana.

One of the many finds from cleaning up left campsites. Dominick pretending to be a guard.

Baby grout given to me and Dominick taking a selfie.

Relaxing well fishing.

I love Batman.

Bowling with family.

Our cat Patience.

No idea what they are doing.

We love the beach.

Visiting family when it was snowing. The young kids first time in snow.

Mini golfing with my dad.

Seattle Seahawks fans watching a movie in the car.

My Christmas present from a good friend. Her name is Graycie.


  1. The fishing picture, is that social distancing? Keep up the good work

  2. It’s my type of social distancing. Lol. It was taken way before all this craziness.

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