Lewisburg Saddle Trailhead in Corvallis Oregon

Shelby drove us up to Lewisburg Saddle trailhead. She did a pretty good job for just driving. The drive is full of winding curves.
There are lots of trails to choose from. Great for horseback riding, biking and hiking. It has different levels of trails for all ages and as well as different paces for every fitness level.

The forest is full of growth both old and new.

We had decided in the beginning to start off going uphill and coming back downhill. It’s been a while since we’ve done some good hiking so it burned the back of the knees. It’s our goal to get back into shape again and do more hiking.

Our family seems to always play around when we go hiking. Does your family have friendly competitions?

Our kids don’t like to have there pictures taken. Too bad.

Even though there are lots of cars in the parking lot it’s very seldom do you see anyone. It’s so peaceful and quiet here.

One of the views of the countryside from halfway to the top.

There are so many side trails that it would take a long time to go on each other them. (Future goal).

As you walk along the main trail you will come across a cap house. We really like reading the history boards along the way.

Some of the boards also talk about the Oregon State University research that has and is being done on the land.

The scenery is amazing.

Dominick found a feather and stuck it in my hair and called me Pocahontas.

My shoelaces kept coming undone and my body was aching so Chris was great at offering to help me.

Once down I didn’t want to get back up. (I think that we had done 6 miles at this time and had one more to go).

Dominick and I drank our water from our camel packs pretty fast. We are learning that we need to buy more bladders because we can’t seem to conserve it.

I like this tree a lot.

We could hear the water from where we were standing. There was a few trails that would lead down to the water but we are saving that for next time.

Can you see the bird? There were a few of them playing close by.

Some of the new growth forest.

We hope that you enjoyed walking along with us. Our family would definitely recommend Lewisburg Saddle Trailhead.

Items we recommend you to bring with you….

Bear spray/Mase




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