Junction City, OR Pond

Our family has a keenness for fishing. We buy annual fishing licenses and we always feel at the end of the year that we never get as much fishing in as we would like.
I think this is a hawk. Please let me know if I am wrong.
Dominick and I usually go off in one direction and Shelby and Chris in another direction. We don’t like to get our lanes tangled. Trust me it happens a lot.
It’s always nice to have this time as family. Fishing brings Dominick out of his shell.
Redwinged Black Bird

Some guy caught Shelby’s line; we laughed. It is always a nice place to fish and so close to home. Be warned it’s a very popular spot so be prepared and be patient.
The summer sunsets are so beautiful.

There is a small dock next to the parking lot. Occasionally someone will have a raft or kayak in the water.

I’ve had my pole for many many years and the reel lights up when you reel in. I can’t believe it still works.

Had a great time even though we didn’t catch anything. It’s ok because I just enjoy the time with family.



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