Irish Bend in Monroe, Oregon


After church we bundled ourselves up for a cold afternoon outdoors. We’ve been to Irish Bend lots of times. It’s always quite and peaceful. Before you drive into the parking lot there is a eagles nest on top of a power pole. It’s been there at least 17 years. It amazes me how big it is. We really enjoy looking for agates and shells, listening to the sounds of nature, and skipping rocks. Sometimes someone will throw a stick in and then my kids and Chris try to sink it with rocks. It’s very enjoyable to watch them skip rocks and have their little competitions to see of course who has the most skipped.

Chris and I have even taken an air mattress out on the water a few years ago; it was fun floating down the water. In the summer it gets a little busy with swimming and a few boats but we’ve never seen it crowded or loud. It’s also a great fishing area. It’s $50 for a weekend pass; to obtain a key you can call the Benton County Parks Department at 541-766-6871.


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