Haystack Campground (East Shore) in Prineville, Oregon

On our way to Haystack Campground the pets have all claimed their own seats (Tucker is sitting in the middle row in his own seat). They are a little wore out.

We stopped off at Smith Rock to get the feel of our next day hike before looking for a campground. It’s $5 for day use or $30 for an annual permit.

Just one part of Smith Rock; it’s so majestic.  Smith Rock was recommended for a few years by a coworker of mine who every year goes to camp with his family. After seeing Smith Rock I can see why his family likes here so much.

Once at the campsite the pets were all to happy to be let out. I laugh because each one wanted to go their own way.

After setting up camp I took a walk down to the resovoir and was saddend by the algea in the water. We brought the paddleboards for the kids. The kids especially Shelby was disappointed in not being able to get in the water. We were later informed that last year it was even worse.


Dominick got to get a birthday present from Shelby early. It was a snake brain teaser. 

We always make sure that the animals are as comfortable and having fun as much as we are. They are a huge part of our family and our responsibility.


Our view from the campsite. The water looks so beautiful from there.


The moss grows in what looks like a really nice birds nest. I love to take in the beauty from the ground up. I find it funny that most people only look straight ahead. Don’t miss out on the things around you; look up and down. Their is so much to see. Even though the dogs are so short to the ground even they miss the animals around them.

The campground has stunning views from most sites. 

There is a dayuse area as well as a boat ramp. It’s $5 for the day use area. img_20180828_1917373216840472453484004844.jpg

The morning sunrises brought out a stunning red that covered the land. 

The kids brought some wood for a nice fire for a few nights. img_20180828_194928050_hdr8001559746827560137.jpgShelby had lost her skills of chopping wood.  I don’t know where they went but hopefully she will get them back. At least watching her brought us entertainment.

Chris showed me a heart in the rock. 


The campground over all was very peaceful and has engaging views.

Camping Fees

Single Site    $15

Senior/GA Pass $7  (applies ONLY to single campsite occupied by the pass holder. Not valid for extra vehicle or day use fees)

Extra Vehicle (each)  $7

Day Use   $5

Check out 12 pm







  1. It is a beautiful place I really enjoyed our time there I highly recommend the site although not knowing which sites where reserved for the upcoming holiday made it difficult.

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