Graveyards In Junction City, Oregon

You may find it a little eccentric to inquire about graveyards; however for some reason my family seems to appreciate it. As we walk around the stone and granite we look for the youngest, the oldest and the ones who seem to have a story to tell.

Our first graveyard that we explored in Junction City was The Danish Cemetery.

Mary Peterson is the oldest in the cemetery. (Can’t find any information on her)
I love the detail.
One of the youngest infants.
Another infant that had life to short. I can’t imagine what the families have felt.
I have never seen a plot surrounded by hedge before.
1 day old.
I love how the moss has attached to the stone.
One of my favorite family plots.
Just one of the many tower stones.
Three other children that left the world to soon.

Einar Arnold Skovbo passed away January 4, 2014; one day after his 90th birthday. He was born January 3, 1924 in Eugene Oregon to Peter and Hannah (Andreasen) Skovbo and resided in Junction City his entire life except for military service in World War II.

He married the girl of his dreams, Marilyn, in 1947 and they had 66 years together raising a family of three sons, who joined them in the founding and operation of Viking trailer sales in Junction City.

Einar was a happy Dane! God blessed him with many talents which he shared enthusiastically with many. In retirement he was a woodcarver, daffodil hybridizer, wooden boat builder, community worker, philanthropist, volunteer at the Eugene Air and Space Museum, and sports fan. He was a man of great faith. Dancing through life with Marilyn was his great joy.

Einar is survived by his wife and sons David (Doneta), Brad, Greg (Brenda), three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

His was a life well lived and lived to the fullest.


Born in Denmark.
So peaceful here.
Another family plot.
A grandpa and his great grandson.
One of the prettier plots.
One that doesn’t have a plot yet but still has a story.
I can see why the Danish choose this tranquil  piece of land.

Two young 16 year old friends who died together in a car accident.


Member of the Polish Underground Home Army, Warsaw Uprising 1944

Honor: Bronze Cross Of Merit With Swords, WWII 1939-1945

The Cross of Merit with Swords (Polish: Krzyż Zasługi z Mieczami) is a Polish military award established October 19, 1942, by the Polish Government in Exile. The Cross of Merit with Swords is awarded for deeds of bravery and valor during time of war not connected with direct combat, and for merit demonstrated in perilous circumstances.

One of the most intriguing people that I’ve found through research and would love to learn more.

Saturday March 21st, 2020

Part 1 Junction City, Oregon Cemetery


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