First Camping Trip in the New Trailer

My dad David, Chris and Dominick got to leave early for the setting up of our first night in the trailer. Shelby and I rode up with my great uncle Bill because I had to work and Shelby was with her best friend. When Shelby and I got there it was amusing to watch Chris show the trailer to Bill; it was like Christmas for him.

It’s a small trailer and so trying to find a rythem to move around inside and organize is going to take a little more time. It was a little comical to watch the family. I can only imagine how it will be when we have the items that we need daily.

We had a nice time by the fire Friday evening; it’s so relaxing. I love to unwind by a fire and destress. I think about the first camping trips with the kids, I think about how fast they are growing, and I try to figure out ways to make money while traveling. I had brought one of the dog beds and put it beside the fire. The dogs all seem to really enjoy the nice warmth of it. I am going to have to make sure and pack the other one.

We made haystacks for dinner in the trailer. It’s fun to search for the ingredients needed to make dinner when you haven’t yet quiet figured out where everything should go. I’ve looked into a lot of different organizers for the kitchen and have found a few that I like. Pinterest and YouTube are my favorite resources.

At bedtime we put a curtain across the back of the kitchen and bunks to give the kids a changing room. We figured that changing in the bathroom wouldn’t give them enough space and we all taking turns in our room would get old fast. We put up curtains across each bunk so the kids would have their own privacy. Everyone needs privacy from time to time.

Saturday morning we walked while the kids rode their bikes around the campground; it’s always quiet and peaceful. Even though it’s only April and not quite summer yet the campground had so many people and yet you couldn’t tell. There was a teardrop trailer with stickers all over it; I would love to know where they are from and where they’ve been and what stories they have to share. We ended up playing badminton on the volleyball court (kids against mom and dad). I don’t know who won because none of us are very good at it but we still had fun. The kids are growing up so fast and we don’t get the same closeness in our everyday of living. I loved to be able to have the mom and daughter time well braiding Shelby’s hair. I love watching the great young man that Dominick has become and is becoming.

They have picnic tables, a big playground and a few fields to play on. As well as a couple of group shelters and a few cabins by the water. The campsites don’t lay on top of each other; there is nice space in between which make it more privacy.

After going back we chilled by the fire and played some rounds of bean bag toss. (I am not that good but still had a lot of fun trying. It seems to be Chris’s game though). The kids rode their bikes until dark. (A couple of girls had really cool colored lights on their wheels. I’ll have to look for some; I am who wouldn’t want them? I do.)

I was getting really cold so decided to go in the trailer for the rest of the night. We played a dice game called 10,000.

I ended up going to bed with a cold. So frustrated that I missed out on a couple more rounds with the family.

I woke up sick with a really bad head cold and just wanted to sleep. I ended up peeling potatoes and crawling back into bed. Chris ended up taking over for me. Later on we found out dad borrowed our over the sink cutting board. He somehow keeps getting his hands on it. He really like having more counter space in his small camper. After breakfast Dad, Chris and the kids packed up. Watching everyone pack up it came apparent that we are going to need a list of what needs to get done and find a routine. On the way home the trailer door came open. Woops add locking the trailer door and make sure that it is shut to the list.

River Bend


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