Enjoying the seals. Yaquina Bay Newport, Or

We were greeted by seals when we walked to the edge. They were interested in the dogs. It was enjoyable watching them as they kept staring. They looked so friendly wanting to play.

5 seals laying on a huge rock.

Waves coming in. So pretty and peaceful.

Two seals in the middle of the water.

Not sure what this is.

A species of the jellyfish family.

Dominick being all tough but not wearing a jacket when it’s cold outside. Even his dog Tucker has his on. Tucker gets cold very quickly.

I love to watch the waves come in. One just washed over the next.

I always enjoy going to Yaquina Bay. I find it so peaceful. There are usually volunteers if you have any questions about the wildlife. One volunteer showed us a colony of squids; really cool to see a colony.




  1. Keep up the good work. As time goes by and the kids continue to grow up there will be a lot of changes not only with them but the organization of the trailer

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