Yesterday at church Shelby and I were in a small class room with a few other women and one of them named Kathy told Shelby that her dress looks so pretty on her. Shelby had told her thank you. Another lady named Sandra who is blind was sitting next to Kathy and asked her what it looked like. Kathy in vivid details explained to Sandra what it looked like. Cream lace flowing long in the back short in the front with dark and and light colored flowers. Cream lace hangs of the shoulders and has a light brown braided belt. As I listen to her give such great detail I thought about my blog and how I really need to find it in myself to give more details about our experiences and what we see. I started my blog because I’ve lost a lot of memories and I want to look back on time spent with my family and friends. I never thought that in my early thirties that my memories would be so hard to recall. I had lost eyesight in my right eye for over 6 months and couldn’t imagine what it would be like to lose full eyesight. It makes me more determined to put more of a detailed description for everyone to see what what I can see.

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