Well today is Christmas. This Christmas was very hard not just money wise but trying to decide what to get the family when you want to be on the road full time and you have to think about room and weight in a trailer. We had to think about items that are useful yet fun. We each got a blanket from a friend. Shelby got a sweater, cat coat, PJs, hat, gloves and scarf. Dominick got a tiny rubix cube, dog bike carrier, Leatherman, hydro pack, fish frog and bait. Chris got a hat, rechargable light for the trailer, insta pot inverter, and pan for the insta pot. Dad got a hat, side table for a chair, and a magnet. I got a hydro pack, side table for a chair, PJs, and a blanket. The dogs each got a sweater and dog bed. The cat got a coat and a bed. (A couple items came from friends).

We were very grateful that our kids didn’t even want anything for Christmas. Our family would rather travel and having time together rather than material items. They spent there own money on gifts for each other. I used to be on the border of a hoarder but then as my kids keep getting older I realized that time with my family is the most important thing to me. I’ve been giving away things that aren’t useful and have no meaning to me anymore. There are other people in this world that could use what we have and I would rather give it away. More and more before we buy anything we decide if we really need it. We are still trying to reach our goal of traveling with our kids and we pray that this coming year will be the year. If you have any suggestions or this please let me know.


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