Chip Ross Park in Corvallis, Oregon (Until We Meet Again)


Once again we have showed up for a hike unprepared for the weather. When we pulled into the parking lot it was hailing pretty well. We sat in the car for along time debating weather to get out and get soaked only to be uncomfortable sitting in the car on the long drive home or just go home. In between the hail breaks Shelby ran out to take these pictures. Next time we will be more prepared and be able to enjoy this short mile hike as well as the views that were blocked from the clouds. It looks like a pleasant place for wildlife and bird viewing. One of these days I’ll have to invest in a good bird book.


From just the parking lot we were able to view 3 picnic tables; one which was covered.

It looks to be a short 1.5 mile




Well sitting in the parking lot we decided to check out another park here in Corvallis since we were in town and not yet ready to go home. Our next stop is Jackson Frazier Wetlands.



  1. At least you got out of house and check on an area you’ve not seen. Hang in there

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