Can’t Wait to Go Back to Zumwalt Park in Veneta, OR


Had a great afternoon with Chris and the dogs today. The kids are still in school and I have the day off. I hate being at home on my days off. I am pretty sure that I have a gypsy heart and love to see new areas. We have lived near the town of Veneta for 18 years and have never been to this park or even heard of it. It’s quite a secret evidently.

The park is cared for by all volunteers. They take really good care of the land.

You walk around a gate and walk about a fourth to a half mile to come to the lake. The gate is there to keep the flow of traffic down. It’s such a peaceful walk. Their are 74 acres that is edged with the Fern Ridge Reservoir.

There are horseshoe pits however no horseshoes so you would need to bring some.

There however is only one bench overlooking the reservoir. Picnic table run throughout the 74 acres but none to close to the water.

This is a small patch of sandy area. Would be a nice place to launch a kayak if you felt like carrying them in.

We did see a huge fish jump; maybe next time we can bring our poles to catch him.

We were able to see not only fish but birds, ducks, and chipmunks. I think that one of these days I would like to get a bird book and learn more about all the ones that we saw.

I was so fascinated in this roots/tree trunk without a tree. Was it chopped and formed to the roots? Is it a full tree that fell from mother nature? 

Picnics would be great in the park. 

There was mosquitoes heavily in certain areas so bug spray is recommended.

Woodpecker in the tree.

I would definitely would love to come here more often. It’s so relaxing and peaceful; not only that but no one around. If you love to be outdoors and away from crowded areas I would recommend Zumwalt Park in a heartbeat.

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