Camping In The Snow

On the way to Sweet Home, Oregon.

Friday 3-8-2019After working 14hr days all week I couldn’t wait to hit the road and go camping. It’s been a really rough couple of weeks at work and all I’ve been wanting to do is get away. Not wanting to be home because then all I would do is think about all the stuff that I need to catch up on. Nope; it’s time to get away from it all. So Thursday night Chris and I brought the trailer home so that I could pack it up after work with the kids. For packing fast I think we did really good because the only thing that was forgotten was Chris’s PJs and our chairs (luckily dad had enough for us).After Chris got home we hit the open road with the kids and the cat. My dad had already had all 3 dogs with him at the campground since early morning. I don’t know how he does it with 3 dogs (especially his dog Matter who really hates to travel); I think that Shelby’s cat Patience does better traveling.When we got to the campground there was still snow on the ground but I didn’t care; I was going to make the best of it. Because we packed up in a hurry we had everything on the floor so I spent a good hour putting everything away and making beds. You may find me crazy but I love organizing the trailer; I know that one day we will be on the road full time and so I picture where everything would go. Everyone works really well at helping each other. Dominick cooked beans for dinner in our trailer well Dad and Shelby cut the tomatoes and onions in his trailer. Chris cleaned off the table and got out the rest of the food to make haystacks as I finished making the bed. It would be nice if that’s the way it would be at home but let’s face it; electronics and homework takeover. After dinner we were ready for bed.

Chris and I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the restrooms and were surprised by quarter size snowflakes. It was so pretty.

Saturday 3-9-2019I have a morning routine when camping; get hot water ready for coffee and hot chocolate, start a fire and enjoy the peace and quite. Dad happened to get up before I got my routine started; I could hear him outside chopping up wood for the fire. My dad was the one who taught me how to chop wood and stack it. Wood is the only thing that I can stack right; I have a bad rep of stacking everything wrong at work. I migrated outside to the fire and we discussed the past, present, and future.

Dad and I was amused when the water would drip off the canopy and hit the oil on the cement and push it around. (It’s the little things).

The sun had made it’s appearance and the clouds were moving away.
We love the outdoors no matter the weather.

The driveway to the campsites in the woods look so peaceful. They are the campsites that we normally camp at; however we didn’t want to take any chances of limbs hitting the vehicles or trailers. It would be cooler as well.
Loving the nice warm fire. It’s so relaxing and it has a way of bringing everyone together and sharing.
If you know anything about Oregon it’s very bipolar; the weather can never make up it’s mind. We enjoyed every moment the sun made it’s appearance.

We lay a small tarp down on the ground and then lay each of the dog beds down. (No dirt and no water to worry about). Tucker loves his bed; if he can’t be on you then you will find him on his bed.We were all shocked when Chris wanted a boonie hat for Christmas. Chris was unsuited for country life when we first met and that had changed fast. We call him a redneck now. I don’t remember the last time that Dominick has shown a normal face in a picture. He used to be such a ham and loved to model. We got Patience a backpack for Christmas so he can go more places with us instead of being in the trailer all the time. I think he likes to pull on the leash more than the Senora does. He tells Shelby were he wants to go. This big tree is next to the yurt that was being built. It looks like a nice place to sit and write or for kids to climb on. We weren’t able to ask how much longer until the yurt will be ready or if it will be pet friendly but we were very excited to see that they are building it for another option for year round camping. There are a few trails that run throughout the campgrounds. Lots of places to go for short exploring. We went for a walk around the campground after breakfast. Shelby was at first having a hard time getting Patience to follow along on the leash but eventually he ended up keeping up with the rest of the group. Our trailer may seem small especially next to dad’s truck but it works for us. Senora and Tucker sharing a bed. Dominick is growing up so fast. Such a handsome young man. The moon making it’s appearance. We watched our favorite YouTubers. There are a lot of people who travel full time and enjoy every part of their experience. We stayed up for awhile talking and eating cookie smores. Sunday 3-10-2019
There was frost covering the vehicles and I am mesmerised by it. It was really cold in Chris’s and my room; the heater nob broke at bedtime and so we didn’t have much heat coming in. The window vents drained out the water into the trailer and it froze. It had gotten colder than we had thought. The icicles were pretty cool. Shelby came outside with Patience in her sweatshirt and so Dominick thought that Tucker would love to be in his sweatshirt. (Both kids wearing their Seattle Seahawks sweatshirts). Senora wasn’t getting the attention she deserved until Chris picked her up. Dad usually doesn’t let Matter touch the ground (yes; he’s that spoiled). We didn’t get out and do much of anything but sit and talk but that was ok this trip because I think everyone just needed to rest. There will be more time this summer but for this time it was all about relaxing around the fire.


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