About Me

We are working our way to traveling full time with our kids, dogs and cat. We would like to bring you along with us as we explore the country.

Our family includes my dad David; he has outlived what the doctors thought that he would. (So far 14 years longer). We are very happy he is able to enjoy the journey with us. (And his dog Tow Mater). My husband Chris is a city boy who is fastly becoming a redneck. He used to hate the outdoors and now my dad and him have done so much Youtubing  research that it scares me how much they have learned. Our daughter Shelby is a huge tomboy and loves everything about the outdoors; she’s very adventurous. (Except for outhouses). Dominick our son is one that is full of heart and a huge clown. He’s got the biggest feet that I have ever seen and he’s very proud to show off his so far size 18’s. We call him Big Foot. Our dogs Senora and Tucker are so different from each other. Senora our pug loves the outdoors; Tucker our chihuahua hates being outside. Tucker has earned the name Hollywood. Patience (Shelby’s cat) spends most of his day outside; he had never traveled with us until this year and has become Shelby’s travel companion and kayaking partner.

We hope that you follow us as we are going through this adventure.


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