Cape Perpetua

Finally got a chance to go see Cape Perpetua. Only for a couple seconds because we didn’t realize it costs $5 for a parking pass. I’ll have to pick up a 2 year one and save some money so we can visit more often. The view is absolutely beautiful. I would recommend it to everyone. It was paved and easy for handicap. The fog was so pretty to see.

Evidence from the Native Americans named Halqaik can still be found among the shore. The Halqaik hunted for mussels, crabs, sea urchins, and clams. The cape was named by Captain James Cook on March 7, 1778. He named it Cape Perpetua because it was discovered on St. Perpetua’s Day. During WWII, the West Shelter observation point was used as a coastal watch station, and a large coastal defense gun was temporarily installed.

Cape Perpetua is located two miles South of Yachats.

References from Wikipedia


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